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3 Ways You Can Be More Sustainable In Golf

We all want to make more sustainable choices – even if it’s in our regular golfing game. When out on the driving range, enjoying nature, we often think about ways that we can give back to the planet. In this article, we will be talking about just that. Here are three ways that you can be more sustainable in golf.

1.  Change To Bamboo Golf Tees

One of the number one ways you can keep your golf game as green as the course you are playing on is to switch out your regular plastic golf tees for a bamboo alternative. Did you know that billions of golf tees are lost every year, or simply left behind on the golf course?

Typically, golf tees are made from plastic, which doesn’t decompose, and will essentially become ‘litter’ that you leave behind. Bamboo golf tees are not only more sustainable, and better for the planet, but are also robust and are able to take the force of a golf club swing.  Bamboo grows far quicker than most trees and requires no pesticides. Unlike plastic, it is biodegradable, perfect for the eco-conscious golfer.

2.  Keep It Green, Keep It Clean: Sustainable Cleaning Spray

Another way to keep your golf game sustainable is to think about the cleaner you use. Both our golf balls and clubs can get pretty dirty, particularly if you are a regular player. Every golfer wants to look after their equipment, but that doesn’t mean that we have to put the environment at risk whilst doing so.

Cleaners, such as Clean Strike, is a much more eco-friendly way of cleaning your golfing essentials. This golf cleaning solution is made from food waste and can simply lift the dirt from the grooves of the golf club. This makes it much easier to clean your clubs while you are playing on the golf course or at the driving range. Not to mention, it’s far better for the planet than other cleaning alternatives!

3.  It’s All About The Sustainable Golfing Accessories

Making sustainable changes can be as simple as swapping out some of your everyday golf game essentials. For example, if you carry your tees or balls in a small bag, made from plastic or any other less eco-friendly material, why not swap it out for a similar one made from organic cotton?

Did you know that organic cotton uses 91 percent less water than regular cotton and it produces fewer greenhouse gases? Meaning that in terms of your carbon footprint, you are making a much more eco-friendly choice. An organic cotton bag can keep your tees, balls, markers, and other items from dropping to the bottom of your bag with our organic cotton drawstring bag.

Speaking of more environmentally friendly choices for golfing accessories, you can also try out a Bamboo Fibre Towel. Absorbent, fast drying, easy to clean, and most of all sustainably produced using bamboo fibre, a towel like this can quickly become your next favourite golfing essential.

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