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3 Ways to Decorate Your Home Colorfully And Luxurious

Using neutral colors is always a safe choice when decorating your home, however, some designers have proven that you can still decorate your home with vibrant colors. These vibrant colors make the house stand out, but this way of decorating the house easily makes the living space too colorful. So how to moderate the colors and make your house still luxurious with colorful home decor? 3 suggestions below will let you know how to use outstanding colors to decorate your home and make your home beautiful and luxurious but not flashy. 

1. Use the wall as a spotlight

The biggest and most obvious change in home decor is in the walls. The combination of colors not only brings a bright, cheerful space but also helps your living space to be brighter. You can also decorate your home the wall by hanging pictures, paintings, or other appropriate works of art.

For living room ideas paint, the secret when using vibrant colors for the house is to only apply the color to one wall or one corner. For the rest of the walls and the ceiling, keep the color neutral, or at least use a solid color, this will help balance the color of the house for you. Use these discounts on paints to complete your ideas for wall paint at a more affordable price. 

Use the wall as a spotlight
Use the wall as a spotlight

2. Accentuate with colorful decor

The second way to use colorful home decor is to choose brightly colored decorations and furniture. The advantage of this method is the flexibility it has. Obviously, changing decorations, or changing the color of items such as sheets, pillows, and carpets will be easier than having to repaint a large wall.

Imagine an all-white bedroom decorated with teal and deep blue that will give the room a cheerful and bright feel. A multicolored duvet and a patterned red rug keep the room cozy and trendy. Or if your room is white, choose standout elements such as the yellow and pink interior or green decoration, which includes pillows, lights, and chairs. Blanket ladders with brightly patterned blankets will also create comfort and help complete the summer palette.

Or colorful living room ideas with a gray-toned living room: make it much more interesting when decorated with a pink lazy chair, yellow and pink pillows, and multicolored floor coverings. Blue touches around the room and a bright yellow coffee table might add fun and freshness to the room.

3. Make the interior the highlight

Colorful pieces of furniture are a unique way to bring your space a lively feeling. Even with colorful home decor or aesthetic home decor, the plus point is that you can freely move and arrange these items as you like. You can choose a sofa, couch, coffee table, or nightstand as the highlight, then arrange the rest of the furniture in the room to match that highlight.

Now to complete your colorful home decor, you can use red brick walls decorated in bold yellow and coral tones, surrounding the turquoise sofa – the centerpiece of the room. This modern living room can make full use of colorful furniture with a funky pastel pink sofa and a large green velvet chair that stands out. The bright blue sofa is the focal point of this contemporary living room. Decorative pillows and unique flower-shaped wall paintings increase the energy of this space. Or make the unique living room a combination of blue and orange. It is also a mix of unique pieces of furniture such as patterned chairs, blue velvet upholstered couches, and dark orange sofas.

Make the interior the highlight
Make the interior the highlight

Decorate your home with Colorful home decor 

For any house, the interior color scheme is very important in expressing the style and personality of the owner as well as the factor that affects the emotions and atmosphere in the house. However, choosing a color scheme that brings sophistication and harmony to the house is not an easy task. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider the color scheme of the house so that whether it is hot or cold season, it still brings a comfortable and pleasant feeling to the living space. In interior design, usually, we should only use 3 to 4 colors for a room, even when you like colorful home decor, to ensure the color balance for the space. Don’t forget to use the home depot $50 off $250 coupon to also balance your budget on colorful home decor!

Rule 60 – 30 -10

Choosing the right color for the room, and creating a sense of balance and harmony is very difficult. Fortunately, there are some color rules that you can apply very effectively. businessfig wants to introduce rules 60 – 30 – 10. This rule is a very popular formula and is a rule of thumb for any interior designer. No matter what your personal taste is or how you want your room to look, you can use this rule to ensure that your room always has a balance of colors. For this rule, you will use 3 colors in 1 room. 60, 30, and 10 percentages that each color occupies in the space. 

This rule is applied as follows: First, you choose a dominant color and this color will take up about 60% of the room. Usually, this will be a neutral color or some light tone color so as not to overwhelm the interior. Next will be the secondary color, which is usually a bit darker and takes up about 30% of the space. Finally, the accent color is the darkest color and will make up the remaining 10%.

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