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3 Sure Fire Signs You Need a Website Redesign

At least 50% of consumers believe that how a company’s website looks is important to its image. Your website should reflect the quality of your products and services, but it also needs to be easy to use.

When was the last time you did a website redesign, though? You might be hesitant to make big changes, especially if you’ve spent time and money on your site already, but as web design standards evolve, new trends emerge. 

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to refresh the design, here are some telltale signs:

1. Functionality

If you find that some features on your website aren’t working, this is a sign that you need to redesign it.

Let’s say you’re using WordPress and one of your pages isn’t loading properly in mobile browsers. Maybe it has something to do with some code conflict between different versions of WordPress and plugins installed on the site. If this happens, you’ll need to contact a web design agency to fix this problem.

It’s not a good idea to address these issues yourself because you could end up breaking the site beyond repair. This is why it’s important to work with a professional. Click here for more if you’re interested in seeing how the pros can help you.

2. Time

If you often think, “I don’t have time to work on my website,” then chances are you need website redesign services.

If you’re busy with other things, it’s difficult to keep on top of the regular updates that your site needs. And when your website isn’t updated, it’s guaranteed to move slower and attract less attention than it should.

Your in-house team may not have the resources to do these updates for you. A web design agency will have the resources and tools to make sure your site is always up-to-date. You’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your business without having to worry about whether your website is working.

3. SEO

Search engines don’t like sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. They don’t like it because most website traffic comes from mobile phones and search engines want to show the best possible results to their users.

Sites that aren’t optimized for phone screens are going to be at a disadvantage in the search engine rankings. Mobile-friendly sites are easier for users to navigate and they’re more likely to stick around on your site long enough to click on your ads, which will increase your ROI.

Boost Your Traffic With a Website Redesign

We hope this helps you determine whether you need a website redesign. If so, get in touch with an experienced designer who can help you with a modern web design that works well on your phone, tablet, and desktop.

Remember: Your website is only one part of your marketing strategy. Read our digital marketing section so you can get the most out of all of your marketing channels.

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