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3 Reasons to Add Phone Booths to Your Business

Are you noticing a dip in office productivity?

Distraction is still a significant issue, eating away at profits, production, and morale.

Recent studies narrowed down the biggest office distractions to smartphones (first and foremost), social media, water cooler gossip, unproductive meetings, cubicle life, and email among a host of other issues.

Savvy companies are always on the lookout for solutions to productivity killers, including the integration of in-office phone booths.

Similar to home office psychology, employees need a “third space” that takes them away from the hustle and bustle of the office, helping them focus on critical tasks.

The above point is just one benefit of installing privacy booths in your office. Discover even more reasons to upgrade.

1. Generate Creativity and Innovation

Teamwork is vital to innovation. However, it’s important for each team member to see themselves as individuals with their own unique set of skills.

Retreating to a phone booth may help a socially tired employee recharge their creative brain and reconnect them with idea generation. This strategy works best when paired with a project management model that facilitates individual innovation, like the Agile method.

Setting aside time to work on one’s own innovation improves confidence. An extra boost of confidence is necessary for bringing ideas to the table. Importantly, employees need the confidence to voice these ideas at meetings.

2. Improve Morale By Creating Space With Phone Booths

Do you have a breakroom at your workplace?

Breakrooms aren’t just for lunch breaks. They’re also vital for giving employees a break from office politics. It’s easy to get swept up in office gossip and interpersonal conflicts that drain morale.

What if you could give employees a space to breathe while they work?

A private phone booth is perfect for employees who feel overburdened by the stress and anxiety of the workplace. Phone booths are great for teams who are feeling the heat of “too many cooks in the kitchen” so to speak.

3. Generate More Client Accounts (and Recruits) With Privacy Booths

Do you want to increase your sales goals for next quarter?

Installing a couple of privacy phone booths in your office may do you some good.

Remember the earlier point about unproductive meetings?

Rockstar sales managers and recruiters also work well alone. In fact, they thrive on it. Thus, they need proper space to excel at what they do best, generating sales and new accounts.

Cold-calling isn’t an easy job. There’s an art to it.

Sales executives leverage product knowledge, marketing psychology, and personability to land important accounts. It’s difficult to achieve this feat in a noisy office.

Even a cubicle doesn’t provide the necessary privacy (and noise-cancellation) needed to focus on sales and recruiting.

Consider various booth models. For example, if you research TalkBox Booth models, you’ll find booths that are perfect for short business calls to more involved cold-calling work, complete with desks for laptops and files.

Get Started On Your Office Updates

Are you ready to build a more productive office?

Start integrating phone booths in your office to encourage creativity, high morale, and double the accounts.

Take a look at your phone booth options, or check out the blog to discover more ideas.

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