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3 Creative Elements to Add to Your Next Trade Show Booth

Since the inception of the trade show, the main driving goal behind these events has been to provide an experience of physical marketing for companies. Increasing your brand’s awareness is usually the top priority when choosing to enter the trade show floor. Some other amazing perks from exhibiting is your opportunity to grow new relationships with others in your industry and to see what is up and coming within your field. While all of these can prove to be majorly beneficial for your company, another prominent goal is to attract people to your booth. The more people that are enticed to come see what you are all about, the more likely you are to spread the word about your brand and potentially gain new clients.

There are some businesses that really think outside the box when coming up with ideas for their trade show booths. While all of these might not be for you, there may be some exotic ideas that might peak your interest as you decide the best way to go about making your booth the most memorable it can be.

Experiences and Trade Show Games

In an attempt to stand out from the crowd, there are some businesses that will invest time and money into creating experiences or designing games to have attendees participate in. Obviously you will want to do what fits best for your business, but companies have had experiences such as escape rooms or relaxation/zen rooms for guests to participate in. Hands-on experiences and demonstrations can prove to be beneficial because they help people really connect with the staff and the products or services. Displays for trade shows can be used to advertise these experiences and let people know what is going on at your booth. Games can be a great way to encourage participation as well. Games engage visitors and entice them to learn more about the products. People also love to win prizes as well and that excitement can help to draw other attendees in as well.

Celebrities and Entertainers

Do you want to give the public something they don’t get to see all that often? A definite creative feature you could potentially add to your booth is hiring an entertainer or a celebrity to perform and draw a crowd. This can really bring out the “show” part of a trade show. A musician, dancers, comedians, or celebrities are some examples of entertainers you could bring on to help you demonstrate certain products or talk about the services you have to offer in your company. For this creative choice, you will need to make sure that whoever you bring on matches your companies’ theme and makes sense for your trade show purposes and goals.

Animals and Crafts

Humans are naturally inclined towards animals and we definitely have a fascination about them. Having a small animal present can do wonders for drawing people to your booth and having them listen to what you are presenting or demonstrating. People love the opportunity to touch animals, especially at an event that it is not usually precedent in, so this could be a major exciting creative factor to implement into your next show. Animals can be a bit harder to match with your business theme, but if you can find a way to make it work it could prove to be extremely beneficial. Also, another effective way to keep attendees engaged at your booth is to offer some sort of creative, artistic outlet. Painting, drawing or sculpting are all creative features that could tie into your theme and offer your guests a trade show experience unlike any other.

What NOT To Do

The one thing that you could do to make your trade show booth the most dull and boring one ever, is to literally do nothing. What has been suggested so far will bring a creative spin on your traditional trade show experience and give the attendees something to remember. Standing there and doing the bare minimum will ensure that your booth and products will be passed right over. Implement some of these ideas that make sense, get an enticing custom trade show display, and head out there and make a difference for your company by getting to engage with as many people as you possibly can during your time at the show.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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