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2.66 Marla Commercial Plots For Sale

Have you been following the news about the Lahore Smart City commercial plots update? Then don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place for accurate and authentic information.

Following the success of the 4 and 8 marla plots, the developers of Lahore Smart City introduced new dimensions for commercial plots.

Therefore, investors can now purchase commercial plots in the sizes of 2.66 and 6 marla. This article will go over the most recent commercial updates to Lahore Smart City.

For your convenience, you can obtain the 2.66 marla commercial plots for sale by contacting Masters Real Estate & Builders.

commercial plots

2.66 Marla Commercial Plots For Sale:

Since Lahore Smart City announced a 2.66 marla commercial plots for sale, investors’ hearts have been captivated by the commercial plots’ new dimensions. However, the 2.66 dimensions are ideal for commercial applications, which is why it has been gaining popularity.

The 2.66-marla plot has a total value of 6,900,000 PKR and can be reserved with monthly payments of 690,000 PKR. There are 12 quarterly installments of 460,000 PKR in addition to the monthly installment.

6 Marla Commercial Plots For Sale:

The tremendous success of commercial plots prompted the developers of Lahore Smart City to introduce new dimensions to accommodate the investors’ diverse needs.

As a result, Lahore Smart City has introduced new sizes for investors, such as 2.66 and 6 marla commercial plots for sale.

The 6 marla plot is worth 168,000,000 PKR in total and can be reserved with monthly payments of 1,680,000 PKR. In addition to the monthly payments, there are 12 quarterly payments of PKR 1,120,000 for the Lahore Smart City Commercial 6 Marla Plot.

Lahore Smart City Commercial Payment Plan:

The Lahore Smart City commercial payment plan was created with the specific goal of catering to the various preferences of business investors. Lahore Smart City offers a three-year investment program with a convenient 12-quarter installment payment plan to entice investors. 

However, for an additional 10%, you can secure a plot in a more desirable location (one that faces a park, main road, or plot corner). In addition, a prime location on the boulevard can be had for an extra 15% of the overall plot price.

Investors who purchase commercial land in Lahore Smart City and pay in full will receive a 10% rebate, while those who choose to make 50% or more of the purchase price over two years will receive a 5% rebate. 

The Lahore Smart City commercial rates are additionally simply exceptional and include.

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Lahore Smart City commercial payment plan


Investors can reserve their commercial dream property in Lahore Smart City for a non-refundable membership fee of 20,000 PKR. 

Clauses and Conditions for Acquiring a Plot in Smart City Lahore:

  • Prices and payment terms are subject to change at any time. 
  • Installments are due every month on the first.
  • The prices do not include the cost of development.
  • No taxes or government fees are included in the price.
  • Payment in the form of a pay order or DD made payable to “Lahore Smart City Pvt. Limited” will be accepted.

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