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13 reasons why custom cardboard packaging is the next trend in the market!

For some companies, packaging is everything. For others, it’s just something that gets in the way of their products on the shelf. Custom cardboard packaging for both sides of the business is becoming more and more appealing because it has one clear benefit: It’s big money.

It allows companies to put their customer’s texts, images, and cartoons on the outside of their packaging. It lets them design an original box for something specific, such as a limited edition, or even just a fun one for a product that’s popular with consumers. And it also saves them money by cutting out the cost of printing and customizing the box themselves, which means they can sell more units at lower prices.

Here are 13 very appealing reasons why if you decide to go that route, you should definitely consider it:

1. The cardboard box is a great place to convey your brand

Nothing says “hey, I’m a company out to sell you stuff” quite like having your name or logo in front of everyone’s eyes. Whether you have it on the front or the back, a giant cardboard box gives people an immediate impression. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can design different ones for different products and themes in order to show off your sense of style.  

2. It saves money

It may make more sense to print boxes and packaging at home, but if you want to produce a lot of them, it’s not cheap. If you buy custom packaging, though, it can cost a lot less for your company. It all comes down to the numbers.

3. It saves time

If you’re not using a printer at home or a professional printing company, then it’s going to take longer to get your product ready to sell. And if you have to have multiple boxes made for that product, then it’s just going to get worse and worse. If you want quick and easy production that looks good on the shelf, then printed cardboard product packaging is the way to go.

4. It’s safer for shipping

No one likes receiving damaged products in the mail because it’s not hard for damage to happen when boxes are tossed around by cargo transport workers. Custom cardboard packaging will protect your products better than anything else on the market.

5. It can improve sales

A well-designed box is going to get someone’s attention at some point, be it while browsing a store or in a pile of junk mail. People love the idea of something that’s new and interesting, and if you have the ability to hit them with a fun design, out of all the boring boxes out there, then you’re going to be able to hook more customers than ever before.  

6. It’s better for your product

Custom packaging boxes isn’t just about making things look good on the outside. It can do a lot for your product’s longevity as well. In a lot of cases, people may not even notice that something is wrong with it. However, if your product comes without a box or packaging at all, then you’ll get some seriously bad news from people who will let you know via comments on your website and through social media.

7. It’s better for your company’s image

Especially if you’re a startup or even a medium-sized company, it can be hard to keep up with the competition in the market where marketing is concerned. If your company relies on it, however, then you can potentially stay on top of things in terms of how people perceive it.  

8. It’s easier for customers to use

If something is nestled in with the rest of your products on the shelf, customers are more likely to buy it. But if it’s on the outside of their wallet or purse, there’s less chance that they’ll even notice. And when it does catch their eye, they’re going to want to know more about it.  

9. It helps you stand out in a crowd

No company wants to be next to something old and boring, especially when they have cool things like custom cardboard packaging that could blow people away when they see them. If you want to stand out, then it’s time to give the world something new and exciting to look at.

10. It trains your customer service team

A lot of people are going to buy your products if they are intrigued by their design of them, but they’re not going to go back for more if they have a bad experience during the process of getting their merchandise. It’s important that you train your staff on how best to approach customers and ensure that they have all the information they need about your product right there on their packaging.  

11. It helps you get new customers from social media

Now that more people get their news from the internet, it’s important for you to use social media as a way to stay on top of things. When people read about your products through social media, it’s going to be that much more likely that they’re going to want to check them out in person. All you have to do is make sure that your packaging is attractive and interesting enough for them to want it.  

12. It helps you cut down on wasted money

With custom cardboard packaging, you can produce a lot of boxes very quickly and then sell them at a lower price than what you would if they were printed out at home or at the store where you buy them. That means you won’t be paying for things you don’t need, and it will make your customers happier in the long run.  

13. It helps you be eco-friendly

Getting involved in custom cardboard packaging can help you make a difference in the environment, too. Making your own boxes saves a lot of money, so it can help your company save tons of cash without any loss of quality. When you’re looking at different retailers around the internet, you’ll want to look at their recycling totals to see if they’re being where they should be with regards to their waste and recyclables.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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