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10 Weakest Bosses In Diablo, Ranked

According to the story of Diablo, these bosses are easy to beat.

Diablo has a lot of characters with interesting backstories, even if they don’t play a big role in the game itself. There are a lot of tough bosses in Diablo, and some of them give players amazing fights. However, there are also bosses that aren’t as well known.

In all of the Diablo games, there are bosses that might put up a good fight, but in the game’s story, they are weak or easy to beat.The history of Diablo is very clear about what happens to these bosses. According to the lore, these are the weakest bosses in the games.

The Defiler

The Defiler was powerful in the past. But the hero of Tristram killed it and its followers before they could do much damage to the people of the town. The Defiler is an ancient creature that looks like a bug. It rules over a group of bugs called the Festering Nest, and the hero found the opening to its lair while exploring Tristram.

The Defiler is one of the last bosses that players will face in the Hellfire update for the first Diablo game. Killing this monster will open the door to the Demon Crypts.


Na-Krul is a boss from Diablo: Hellfire. He lives in the Demon Crypts.In the game, Na-Krul fights well, but in the story, he is not very strong. Diablo sent Na-Krul to the Void. When a powerful mage freed Na-Krul, the mage’s magical magic kept Na-Krul inside walls.

Even though Na-Krul wanted to rule over the Burning Hells, he was also beaten when the hero went into the Demon Crypts. Because of this, he was never able to move up in the ranks.

The Acolyte Of Damnation

Even though this boss had a cool name, he was just a member of the Cult of Damnation. The Lord of Damnation is not so weak. In the Vile Refuge, the Acolyte of Damnation and his fellow followers brought people from Wortham to sacrifice to him.

When a hero went into the Vile Refuge and faced the Cult, the Acolyte was killed and one survivor was saved. The Acolyte of Damnation is the first boss you face in Diablo: Immortal. He is a unique Damned Summoner, and you meet him in the Vile Refuge.


Agronix is a monster. A monk named Dravec called him out. Dravec called on Agronix to help him find the Worldstone shard so he could bring back his younger brother, who had died when Arreat fell.

This fire-spitting demon was sent to attack the Sanctified Earth Monastery so that Dravec could get away with the Worldstone shard and give it to Skarn, who had promised to bring his brother back to life if he had the shard. Dravec’s plan didn’t work out in the end, though, because Agronix was killed by the Shard Seeker, the hero of Diablo Immortal.

Baron Of Pestilenc

Skarn, a powerful demon, not only had Dravec as his helper, but also a number of other demons. Another of Skarn’s servants is the Baron of Pestilence. This demon’s job was to keep an eye on Verathiel, an angel who had become his prisoner after killing many demons over the years.

As they did with many other demons, a group of fighters killed the Baron as they tried to free Verathiel. In Diablo Immortal, the end boss of the Pestilent Corpse mission is the Baron of Pestilence.

Bloodsworn Priestess Innaloth

Priestess Innaloth is the first boss that Drift Boss players will face in the Forgotten Tower Dungeon. She is a follower of the powerful Countess and a member of the Bloodsworn cult.

Innaloth, the Bloodsworn Priestess, lives in the Forgotten Tower, which used to be The Countess’s home. There, she and other members of the group sacrificed the blood of innocent townspeople to The Countess. Once a group of heroes found her, she and the other people in the gang were killed.

Elder Owen

Elder Owen was a farmer from Bilefen who met with bad luck. At some point, a Maggot Brood spread through the town and killed most of the people who lived there. Elder Owen survived the plague because of the Temple of Namari. However, he was still poisoned, and Corpse Worms kept eating him from the inside.

Owen ends up eating the flesh of his fellow neighbours because meat is the only thing that makes his pain go away. Owen was killed by a hero in Diablo Immortal when he met him. This ended his pain.


Woodruh is a boss in Diablo Immortal who is also known as The Forsaken Warden. He is met during the “Bound for Eternity” quest. Woodruh used to be a jail warden in Stormpoint Keep. He slowly turned into a monster after finding a piece of the Worldstone in The Deepstrider Lair under his office and taking it with him.

Woodruh made friends with a sea creature that turned into a behemoth when it was introduced to the Worldstone. The sea creature killed Woodruh, but the Shard-Seeker also killed the sea creature later.


Manoruk, the mage, used to be a part of the court of Khanduras’s powerful ruler, King Leoric. During the Darkening of Tristram, after being changed by Diablo, King Leoric went on a killing spree and killed many innocent people. Manoruk was one of the first people the mad king killed.

Manoruk came back to life. But the hero killed him again. Manoruk is the second boss in the Mad King’s Breach level in Diablo Immortal. Players can fight him there.

Ventar The Unholy

Ventar the Unholy was killed twice. Just like Manoruk. Ventar the Unholy was one of the people who died while guarding Baal during his attack on Mount Arreat. Ventar was a servant of Baal. Later, the hero brings this demon back to life by mistake with the Worldstone shards, but he is killed again.

Both Diablo 2 and Diablo Immortal have a character named Ventar the Unholy.In the “Fragments of the Past” quest in Diablo Immortal, he is a boss that players will face.

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