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Organizations can easily share and manage information they want to share with their internal employees or external users using Salesforce Knowledge. Businesses should consider several questions before proceeding with Salesforce development services and implementation. Here are some of the top questions to consider before implementing Salesforce Knowledge.

How far does your company need to master the article life cycle?

There may be instances where you need to create, edit, review, and publish articles to meet the customers’ issues, but at Salesforce Beratung the same time, companies may not be very keen on giving much space during the publishing process. However, the articles can be managed effectively with Salesforce Knowledge’s flexible solutions. Businesses can select article managers as per their requirements and a proper approval process can be put in place for certain article types, requiring legal or managerial review prior to publication.

Does your company want to provide agents with articles in different formats?

Salesforce Knowledge offers immense customization options when creating the articles, and there is no other alternative to Salesforce that offers the quality and performance that Salesforce Knowledge offers for organization support articles. Companies can ask Salesforce development partners to create custom article template types and article type layouts for their company using Salesforce Knowledge.

Is your brand more focused on a specific audience with certain types of items?

You can provide the right information to the audience you want by using the data categories feature in Salesforce Knowledge. Data categories are nothing more than a set of criteria that can be further organized into a hierarchy of groups. Once the groups have been defined by your company, the items can be classified based on the defined groups. This allows users to easily find the items of their choice based on the categories they prefer.

Whether detailed reports and metrics on the support articles need to be retrieved from your company?

Salesforce Knowledge is a useful tool that provides users with detailed reports on how the support articles are being used, which would help companies greatly expand their knowledge base. Salesforce Knowledge can be used to create custom article reports and to download and install the AppExchange Knowledge Base Dashboards and Reports app. This allows companies to get an overview of article usage, ratings and search statistics by channel.

Does your company use more than one channel for support?

Salesforce Knowledge offers four different channels for brands to share their articles through, and the four different channels also include their own website. The customers and clients can view the articles through customer or partner communities. However, internal users have direct access to the articles in Salesforce. Additionally, the articles can be published using the Public Knowledge Base for the AppExchange’s Salesforce Knowledge app.

Can your agents rate the items?

The article rating system in Salesforce helps companies identify which of the articles are popular and useful to users, while unhelpful articles can be removed. The articles can be rated from 1 to 5. Ratings are based on how recently users have voted. In this way, it helps companies find out outdated content and content that generates increased interest among users.

Whether the agents can find, create and send articles?

The agents can find the articles with a one-click search function. In addition, agents can also create and author an article while completing a case, thereby empowering them to contribute to the knowledge base. Instead of copying and pasting the details and sending them to customers, Salesforce Knowledge enables agents to send PDF files of support articles directly from case files, saving significant time.

Do agents need Chatter to collaborate on support articles?

Chatter is a very useful feature in Salesforce and is very popular with both sales reps and agents. It helps sales reps easily collaborate on a deal where agents can seamlessly handle cases by collaborating with customers in real time using Chatter.

Is it important that the agents have an improved search function when finding the articles?

Agents are provided with an improved search feature that uses Salesforce Knowledge, with the ability to search for articles based on Salesforce Beratung language, status, ratings and reviews, and more. The auto-complete feature during search provides users with the suggested article titles when users type in the search bar.

Do the agents use the Service Console View?

Customers can get a smoother, faster, and more convenient experience by leveraging the power of Salesforce development partner service consoles. Agents can filter or expand their article results or even remove the articles from the Knowledge Sidebar which would consist of the articles updated in the last 30 days. The sidebar appears whenever an agent enters the subject of a case. Once the search for the items is complete, the agents can hide the sidebar with just one click.

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