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10 Tips For Controlling Pests In Your Backyard With Pesticides

There are many different things that can cause a problem for your garden and this may be one of the biggest problems. Pests are one of the biggest problems in your garden and will cause quite a bit of damage. In this blog, I am going to be going over some tips for what you should be doing to try and deal with these pests in your garden so that they don’t cause too much damage.

First and foremost, you should make sure that you have an adequate amount of pest control products available to you. This will help you to deal with any pests that may come into your garden. Make sure that you have a good variety of products so that you can cover all the different types of pests that may be a problem for your garden.

10 Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Backyard

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  1. Trim your plants: Make sure that you are keeping your plants trimmed back so that they aren’t providing a place for pests to live and breed. This will help to decrease the number of pests in your garden.
  2. Check your water: Make sure that you are checking the water levels in your garden so that you don’t have any standing water areas where pests can congregate and breed.
  3. Mow your lawn weekly:  This will help to prevent pests from living in tall grass and laying their eggs there. this will also help to reduce the number of pests that you may see in your garden. Don’t plant invasive plants: Make sure that you are not planting any invasive plants in your garden. These plants can easily take over and provide a place for pests to live and breed.
  4. Dethatch your lawn: This will help to remove any of the leaf litter that may provide shelter for pests. if you choose to use pesticides, make sure that you are using a pesticide that is specifically designed to be used on lawns.
  5. Use garden netting:  This can be a great way to keep pests out of your garden, as well as provide a place for you to harvest your crops. there are a variety of garden netting options available on the market today.
  6. Clear out yard waste:  This can include things like leaves, branches and grass clippings. By disposing of this material in a timely manner, you will help to reduce the number of pest problems that you may encounter in your backyard.
  7. Keep firewood elevated and distanced:  Firewood should always be kept elevated and at a distance from your home. This will help to reduce the number of pests that may come into contact with your wood.
  8. Close your bins:   When you are done using your garbage can, close the lid tightly and make sure that it is tight against the side of the can. This will help to prevent pests from getting into your garbage. and if pests do get into your garbage, they may spread harmful diseases to your home.
  9. Water your lawn properly:   Properly watering your lawn will help to keep it healthy and pest-free. watering your lawn in the morning and at night will help to reduce the number of pests that may be active at those times.
  10. Hire an exterminator:   If you are unable to properly take care of pests on your own, hiring an exterminator may be the best option for you. Exterminators are trained to identify and treat pest problems quickly and effectively.


There are a few simple steps that you can take to help keep your backyard pest-free. Proper watering of your lawn and hiring an exterminator can both be helpful in controlling pests on your property. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about pest control in Fairfield CT.

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