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10 things to know before getting a Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

If you’ve spent countless unpleasant hours waxing or struggling with your razor, Laser Hair Removal in Dubai will appear like a life-changing technique to solve all your body hair issues. After your initial laser therapy session, you should see a 10 to 25% reduction in hair growth. After completing the necessary number of sessions, the majority of patients go months or even years without experiencing any hair regrowth.

Dermatologists have made incredible strides in Laser Treatments in Dubai recently. Many Skin diseases may now be treated in a safe and efficient manner. You must bear in mind the following information and safety measures before choosing to have a laser hair removal session!

What is Laser Hair Removal in Dubai?

The hair follicles that create hair are destroyed during the medical treatment called Laser Hair Removal. While not a permanent fix, this does prevent further hair growth. This therapy may be used to remove unwanted hair from several areas of the body.

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai is a relatively painless and safe alternative to waxing, shaving, and tweezing. Additionally, it causes practically permanent hair loss, which is advantageous for women. Lasers are helpful for getting rid of undesirable hair on the body and face. Lasers can precisely target coarse, black hairs while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.

Important Things to consider before having Laser Hair Removal in Dubai:

Select a Laser Procedure that is Appropriate for your Skin Tone:

This one is now extremely important. Choosing the incorrect sort of laser for your skin tone might result in major skin damage, which is the last thing you want. Lighter and darker skin tones couldn’t be distinguished by the earliest laser hair removal devices.

Fortunately, technology has advanced over the past ten years, and today everyone has alternatives. Darker skin tones should use the “Nd: Yag” laser, which treats hair without fading the skin’s gorgeous natural color.

Keep using the Razor till then:

Before you decide to give up your whole razor collection in favor of laser-treated skin without hair, it’s crucial to understand that you will really need to shave before your appointment. The explanation is actually fairly straightforward: lengthy hairs sticking out above the skin will simply obstruct the laser’s ability to effectively target the hair follicle at its source. 

It’s crucial to remember that only shaving is permitted before Laser Hair Removal in Dubai. Consider your options carefully before waxing or plucking, as you would be removing the hair root, which is what the laser needs to target. The laser must be able to see the hair follicle in order for the therapy to be effective. So keep in mind to shave, not wax or tweeze!

Treatment Duration Change:

Once more, everything is based on the type of skin and hair you have as well as the treatment area. Naturally, treating a greater treatment area than a smaller one will require more time (i.e. legs vs. underarms). During your consultation, you’ll be able to ask questions about how long the procedure will take, and you’ll receive an answer along with an estimate.

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai Calls for Many Sessions:

The Larger Hair fall out first; smaller hairs take longer to react and need additional treatments. Be patient; we’ll get rid of every hair you don’t want. Be truthful during your appointment for Laser Hair Removal in Dubai on the results you hope to achieve. 

Refuse to Tan:

A big no-no for laser treatments is tanning. If you have tanned in the sun or in tanning beds within four weeks of your appointment, your laser treatment cannot begin.

Always do a Patch Test First:

Many people have found hair removal treatment to be a safe procedure, but if you have sensitive skin or certain medical conditions, it might be risky. Rarely, it may also encourage hair growth in certain people. You must schedule a consultation appointment with a specialist before beginning the therapy and address any such worries then. We strongly advise performing a patch test before each session.

It Proceeds Swiftly:

Yes, a few sessions will be necessary, but they will all be brief and quick. You will only be subjected to the laser for a few minutes to an hour at most, depending on the area of the body and the color of your skin. You can squeeze in a session while eating lunch at work!

Although it may seem Unpleasant, It’s Actually not that Severe:

We all have different pain thresholds, but there is a difference between unbearable pain and something that initially seems a bit uneasy. Nowadays, the majority of lasers come with a cooling mechanism (essentially, a steady stream of cold air follows the laser wherever it may be pointing on your skin), which is quite helpful. This is also efficient and lowers the chance of skin harm from heat.

However, expect certain body parts to feel slightly more uncomfortable than others. People frequently experience a little more discomfort on skin that is thinner. Such as the top lip, and initially where there is more hair. Always tell your laser therapist if you are concerned about the discomfort so they can help you feel at ease.

After Laser Hair Removal in Dubai, Avoid taking a Hot Shower for at least 24 hours:

It is best to exfoliate your body and wash your long hair before treatment. Do not engage in any activity that may raise your body temperature since the heat from Laser Hair Removal in Dubai remains in your skin for 24 hours. If you don’t, you run the danger of giving germs a cozy place to live and giving you spots. No one has time for that.

Put the Skincare Goods Down:

You will need to skip this step on the day of your session if you are accustomed to applying many layers of oils, moisturizers, and lotions. It’s crucial that the skin be thoroughly clean and free of any product to prevent any issues.

Book a Consultation:

Therefore, feel free to schedule your free first consultation with one of our professionals by filling out the online consultation form if you still have any questions about Laser Hair Removal in Dubai or want to think about making an appointment for this successful treatment. We’re here to provide you with satisfactory services and a unique encounter!

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