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10 Important Life Lessons Education Taught Us.

Education is not only about acquiring a degree or showing off your intellect. Rather it is about finding your hidden talents and potential. It is about finding your path to achieve your goal. Moreover, Education is to learn new skills and grow your mindset to positivity. It is also about exploring new facts and finding truths. The learning routine which increases someone’s productivity is called education. Do you know what made Germany a developed nation after WW II is education? And what made Japan recover from the aftermath of atomic bombs is education. So, undoubtedly, it plays a vital role in the growth of a person or a whole nation.

Our experiences also count as a major part of our education. As we learn a lot from experiences if we have the knack for that. A similar ideology regarding education is the motto of Royal Online Classes.  We make sure not to just provide academic services but also to educate our students. Our platform offers various services including, online class assistance, take my online class, exam guidance, etc. The main purpose behind every service is to provide absolute guidance to our students regarding their education. Especially, the online format of classes needs a lot of follow-ups. We make sure to provide cheap online class help to our students.

10 Important Life Lessons Education Taught Us

“To find one’s destiny is one’s responsibility”- The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho. This saying speaks volumes. This is what this blog is about. To know the difference between being intellectual and being an educated person. Intellects help in getting a good vibe out of something. But education teaches how to change bad vibes into good ones. And how to make the most of everything to achieve your destiny.

Let’s start.

  1. To Be Yourself

Growing up, most of us find it harder to admit what we want. However, our wants and needs are completely two different things. And till when we understand the difference, it gets late. Most of the time, our choice of career path come under the influence of society rather than ourselves. Then comes the fear of being judged. We always put this fear before our goals. This is where we go wrong. No one lives for anybody. Every human life follows a different path of destiny and hardships. It is we who give others’ opinions a priority.

To be true to yourself is like a rule of thumb for being successful. For instance, a young boy from The Alchemist went out to find the treasure of his fate. He embarked on an adventurous journey that made him realize his worth. Although, the treasure was found in his home. So, the boy learned the need of exploring his potential to find some hidden treasure.

  1. To Not To Be Afraid Of The Change

Change is part of a natural cycle, and it is inevitable. So, crying your eyes out and not accepting is useless. The ones who accept the change and move along with it, are the successful ones. It is easier to get confused and dumbfounded. Others would easily like to take advantage of such a situation and bring you down.

Not accepting a change may cost you your dream. To fulfill your dream, the only thing you need is passion. We have numerous examples around us, who accepted the change and became a golden part of history. Let’s say, Nelson Mandela. He belonged to a poor family with a vision of freedom for his people. He followed the footsteps of his ancestors and despite over 27 years of imprisonment, he became the elected President of South Africa.

  1. It’s Okay To Say No.

Our experiences teach us a lot. It is up to us whether we want to learn from them or not. Just for validation, we tend to say yes to every demand. It just adds more pressure. Education gives us a clear idea of our needs and wants. So, it teaches us to say ‘No’ politely. Use the correct way to humbly deny any request or demand if it’s asking too much of you. There is no need to be ashamed of it. We should learn the fact of putting our own needs first. But also make sure to help others if we can. Saying no doesn’t mean it always has to be a no. Teamwork makes the dream work.

  1. Don’t Give up

There’s an old Japanese proverb going like, “Fall seven times, get up eight”. This is what education teaches us. Never give up because you failed the first attempt. Rather, repeat and try to find your lacking. If you are going to shy away because of failure, it will be near impossible to achieve your goal.

  1. To Think Out Of The Box

No one wants to hear the same story or use the same product over and over again. Everybody wants to experience something new. Innovation is what is needed the most in this electronic era. The lesson we should be willing to learn is how to be different. How not be ordinary? This is possible after working on new skills and being creative. This is what pioneers of our tech industry doing. Bringing innovations and helping mankind.

  1. To Say No To Wars

As discussed earlier, the horrors of WW II were traumatizing. Education promotes peace. Humankind has already lost enough. This is what we have learned after acquiring the knowledge. It doesn’t mean studying science, laws of physics, and performing derivations. Rather it is to put end to violence and mass destruction.

  1. To Work Smarter Not Harder

The era of working manually is long gone. With the technological growth, we should invest in tools rather than fraud practices of working. Pick any field and use the tools required for that to minimize your workload. Instead of working long hours, use applications and online platforms to divide your workload.

  1. To Educate The Mothers

The first school starts from the house. If the household isn’t healthy, no worthy transcript of any piece of education will work. And mothers are supposed to be the first teacher of any kid. The mindset which was given to a kid in infancy is what matters. This is why, Napolean said, “give me one educated mother, and I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation”

  1. To Treat Everyone Equally

Education has done many wonders but the most humane is to treat and think of everyone as equal individuals. The differences in societies and mindsets are almost zero to nil when the people from same educational background interact. Observe any alumni dinner or any company retreat. You will observe the sound of alike minds nullifying the noise of life differences. This is the most important lesson learned from education.  

  1. Pass On The Wisdom

Education is just like energy. It tends to change its forms but can never stop existing. The beauty lies in passing on the knowledge you have acquired. A lot of volunteering programs are held in different remote areas of the world. Educated people from all around gather and pass on whatever they have learned. They share their journeys and lessons. This is what makes education beautiful, i.e, to bring people closer.


Education removes a lot of hurdles and creates a lot of opportunities. This is what we do. We, at Royal Online Classes, make sure to provide cheap online class help for everyone. Despite the ongoing tech war, we believe in equality and promote education for all. This is why our take my online classes program is gaining popularity as we deal with students from all around the world.

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