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10 Hidden Areas In Wild Hearts And Where To Find Them

The world of Wild Hearts is big and full of places that are easy to miss.

Both the monster-hunting game and its maps can keep secrets. In Wild Hearts, players move through six different maps: Harugasumi Way, Natsukodachi Isle, Akikure Canyon, Fuyufusagi Fort, Sacred Mountain, and Minato. The maps for Sacred Mountain and Minato are much smaller than the first four, and there are almost no secret spots on them. Because of this, we’re putting most of our attention on the four big areas.

Most of the time, great tsukumos and talismans are hidden in these secret places. If you’re a big fan of the game and want to see everything, you should check out these places.

Harugasumi Way: Great Sakura Talisman Location

The Harugasumi Way map and area are full of green grass and flowers that make you think of spring. It’s the first part of Wild Hearts game that players will see. Since the area is so big, we went to many secret spots that players might have missed.

The Great Sakura talisman’s hiding place is in the first place. South of the map is where you can find it. Since the charm is on an island, you’ll need to use the Flying Vine skill to get there.

Harugasumi Way: Hunter’s Gate Location

Hunter’s Gate Location is a little bit hidden by plants and is north-east of Harugasumi Way. You can find it right at the edge of the map after you’ve gone off the main road and past the healing water and sugar cane deer.

If you want to play Slope Game online and be more practical, find this Hunter’s gate on the first map. It can give you information on your quests.

Harugasumi Way: Small Mist Crystal Location

Just north of the Hunter’s Gate spot we talked about in the last entry, there is a small mist crystal location where you can find crystals to use later in Wild Hearts game to wake up dragon pits. The place is also hard to find, but it’s not too far from the main road.

You’ll need as many of these crystals as you can get, so make sure to get them while you’re still in Harugasumi Way. They only appear on this map. It is always better to be ready than to miss out on something.

Natsukodachi Isle: Tsukumo Location

A Tsukumo site is north of the Map and a little bit to the east. If you’ve already looked at the map of Natsukodachi Isle, you might have missed this one because it’s a bit off the beaten road and out of the way.

The Tsukumo is just to the north of a small kemono called Sparkshower Monitor, which is easy to beat. If you’ve already seen this kemono, as the picture shows, the Tsukumo is not far away. It’s also not far from a Hunter’s Gate, which is just south-east of it.

Natsukodachi Isle: Beach Cave & Tsukumo Location

North-east of the map of Natsukodachi Isle is a beach cave with a hidden tsukumo on top of one of the rocks. If you have already found the Evergreen Talisman, the spot is just south of it. It’s also close to a Hunter’s Gate site and just a bit east of it.

Natsukodachi Isle is big and wide, just like the first map, so it’s worth going back to it to find more talismans and tsukumos.

Natsukodachi Isle: Island & Tengu Talisman Location

In the very north of the map, you can use skills like Flying Vine to get to an island. You can find a charm called the Tengu charm on the island. A Hunter’s Gate and another tsukumo are just to the north of the island. The island is slightly to the east.

You can also use the charm you find on the island. It can help stop your hunter’s hunger and bring down his hunger level.

Akikure Canyon: Stone Buddha Camp Location

Once you find the Akikure Canyon plan, you can try to find the Stone Buddha Camp.

It is in the south-east corner of the map. There is a canyon right next to it. There is a dragon pit in the camp, so don’t pass it up.

Akikure Canyon: Hidden Cave & Half-Burned Talisman Location

North of the map of Akikure Canyon, there is a secret cave with a talisman inside. It’s pretty far from the centre of the country, so it’s easy to see why it’s missed or forgotten. From the picture, you can see that it’s just north of a Hunter’s Gate and a Healing Well.

The charm gives you resistance to fire, which can help you deal with this map and any kemonos you might meet.

Fuyufusagi Fort: Cavern Camp Location

You’ve reached the map of Fuyufusagi Fort in the winter. This map is as big as the last three, if not bigger. The Cavern Camp is in the south-west corner of the map, which makes it easy to miss.

It is at the very edge of the map, next to a healing well, and just a little bit south of a Hunter’s Gate from the main road.

Fuyufusagi Fort: Tsukumo Location

A Tsukumo spot is in the Permafrost lake, which is in the north-west corner of the map. It’s on top of a group of rocks. To make it easier to find, it is just a little bit north of a small collection of rime crystals and a Silverchrysanth Crane.

So, if you’ve seen the two and are going a little north of them, you’ll be close to the tsukumo.

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