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10 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Hair Spray Packaging

If you see hairspray, you will know that there is competition in this industry. Many brands are selling this product, and all claim that their product is the best. Therefore you need to do something extra so that you can stand out. An effective way to help people notice what you are selling is by improving your hair spray packaging. When a brand designs this perfectly, sales can increase.

The following are 10 creative ways to help you improve your packaging for hairspray:


Good-quality hair spray packaging

You need to have strong boxes to put the product in if it is to remain secure. Hair spray is in a container. You have to keep this safe from any harm like harsh temperatures, humidity, etc. Therefore select sturdy material for the packaging. You can think about getting stuff like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft boxes here.

Customers can get a product of good quality when it is in a sturdy box. You will be showing shoppers that your brand makes quality stuff as well with strong hairspray boxes.


Correct size plus shape box

Apart from this, you will have to get a box that is the best size and shape for the product. Measure the hairspray and choose packaging that will have the right amount of space. If it is too much, the container can move around, and harm may occur to it. You will also need to spend more money on the box.

If you get unique shape hairspray packaging boxes, they can stand out. However, if the shape is not stackable, for instance, it can threaten the product. Therefore choose a good shape for the box.


Must stand out to customer base

Make sure that your packaging can attract those people who are actively searching for hairspray, particularly your type. If these people notice your product, it is more likely that sales will become more. This is why you should create boxes that attract these shoppers.

If you are selling hairspray to ladies, you can create custom hairspray boxes that look sophisticated. The product that is for men can have a more masculine feel to it.


Ecofriendly packaging

Brands that want shoppers to see them as being responsible and modern can select “green” packaging options. You will get boxes that will be recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable, and so not harmful to our precious environment. Nowadays, it has become vital to choose this type of packaging.

With hairspray boxes wholesale that are sustainable, you can reduce your carbon footprint as well as help your customers do this also. There are now many more people who are aware of what packaging can do to the environment when it is done carelessly. They, therefore, prefer to choose eco-friendly brands.


Informative hair spray packaging

Design your packaging so that it lets people know about what you are selling. For this, you will need to include important details about the hairspray on its packaging. Informative boxes help consumers choose whether to buy the product.

But, you need to keep in mind that too much information will confuse you. Therefore know what to add and only include this. On hairspray boxes, you can tell what the product is and its ingredients. State when people can use the product and if there are any warnings. Include details on how to store and use it.


Market the hairspray

Use packaging to help shoppers know why your product is more special than the competition. Include those details about why it is one to choose. You have to include only facts here. The hairspray may be long-lasting. It may have ingredients that are not harmful to one’s hair. These points encourage people to want to get the product when you include them on hairspray packaging boxes.


Select the best typography

The details that you add to your packaging are important, and you need to include them in a readable font. It must even look readable and interesting. Select the size which will look good on the box. Choose its color after considering the background color so that no confusion happens.

If people find it difficult to read these details on custom hairspray boxes, they may ignore the product and buy from another brand.


Increase brand awareness

The packaging must be able to increase brand awareness if you want more shoppers to know about your brand. Design a brand logo if you do not have one. Print this on your packaging as people will use it to see which items are from your business.

Make it convenient for customers to contact the brand by stating its address, number, email address, website, and on hairspray boxes wholesale.


Select the best type of packaging

There are different boxes that you can get, like pillow boxes, gable boxes, window boxes, etc. You must select the one where your product will be most secure and look the best. Window boxes are an option to consider for hairspray. Shoppers will be able to see the container of the hairspray through the transparent window on the packaging.


Choose colors and images 

The colors you select can help make the packaging look more wonderful. This is if you choose the right ones. You can do this after considering color psychology. If you wish to show your product as a chic one, you can choose colors like gold and brown. A brand that wants to include images should select those that relate to the product.


The above are some effective tips that can help you improve hair spray packaging allowing you to create something outstanding.

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